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Hi! I'm Elder Lundy and I represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I'm excited to be serving my mission in the Philippines! For further reading, see Ether 12:6, 27 "6. And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. 27. And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."

Monday, November 14, 2011

Week of 11-13-11

Hi All,

I’m running out of time sadly, so this week I have to skip straight to the questions.

1. How are your shoes holding up in the wet climate?

My shoes are doing pretty well in the wet climate. As long as I keep up on polishing them, they should stay nice for a long time. I actually use my sandals a lot here. At least 3 days a week. They are so nice.

2.  What is a Zone meeting like?

Zone meetings are just like district meeting but longer with a little more material. And the zone leaders, the other companionship in my apartment Elder Jackson and Elder Hardman, teach zone meetings. It’s always gospel and teaching instruction in some fun or creative way.

3. Do you have to wash your clothes by Mag-Laba (hand) or washing machine?

I found the words on Elder Hamblin’s Mother’s blog. I think he is located just south of you in or near San Mariano. His companion is Elder Cajumban.

 We have a washing machine here, but it’s all plastic and nothing like the ones back home. But it’s still nice. No dryer though, just a spinner that spins fast and spins the water out of the clothes. As for Elder Cajumban, (the "j" sounds like and "h") he is my district leader. Elder Hamblin, his comp, is an awesome elder. He is a really great guy. And he is really familiar, kinda like I knew him before. It’s weird. I like him.

4. What’s new with your investigators? Do you tract much or are you teaching more right now?

Nothing new with investigators. We're working a lot with inactive families, and planting a lot of seeds while tracting.

5. Have you made friends with any of the primary children in the ward? I know that the ones you left here really miss you.

 I don't know primary children here. We only deal with teenagers and older unless it’s an investigator or less active family.

Funny facts: We have a 20 year old ward mission leader, and a 20 year old young men’s president.
I got my first Filipino hair cut today. It looks good. They actually used a straight blade razor on me at times....it scared me a little. lol. I'm all good though.

Thank you everyone for your letters!

I look forward to them every week.

Love you!!!!!!!

Elder Lundy

Part of Elder Lundy’s letter to his Dad…

Dad said: “Yesterday started easy enough with an Eagle project for Kaden Peterson.  We were working to clear overgrowth from light posts on a cross country ski trail at the Lapham Peak Park (just down Highway C from the Ellsworth’s).  Not back breaking work, but a lot of walking in between the posts.  We must have hiked about 3 miles, clearing brush, etc. along the way.  Fortunately the weather was clear, dry, and not freezing.  We had a good turnout – about 30 people.  I think it went pretty well. “

Elder Lundy’s response: “Kudos to Kaden for working on his eagle project! How are Bryce and Dillon by the way? And Krystal Stoltenberg? I miss them a lot. Can you give them a hug for me next time you see them."

Dad said: “Yesterday afternoon, Mom, Eric and I went to look at a house with Sister Nicholls.  It just came up on the market last Monday.  On paper it was everything we wanted, and even from the road it looked pretty good.  We got inside, and found all the floors are sloping and uneven.  Even though it was 3 acres, the back of the property was rather bowl-like.  There was even standing water in the bottom of the bowl, as we had 2 days of rain last week.  No usable land, whatsoever.  So we keep looking.”

Elder Lundy Said: “that's too bad about the house...always seems to go like that. Look at the bright side. I’ve seen families twice the size of ours living in a bamboo shack with a dirt floor, no running water, no toilet or shower, no stove or fridge, and only one bed for all of them to share. The rental may not be what you want but its more than most people here could ever hope for. I’m in one of the nicest places around and your rental is far better. You get a new perspective on what you really need when you see how people live here."

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